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Why Leadership Trainers and Business Coaches Should Attend Leadership in the Fall Line

Posted by Rudy Miick on May 10, 2017 2:43:23 PM

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Welcome leadership trainers, business coaches, consultant companies, and anyone else who helps clients achieve greater impact.

As we've been talking about our upcoming Leadership in the Fall Line™ ski and leadership development program with those who know us best, we've noticed an interesting trend. Many people who make a living helping clients grow both personally and professionally are interested in what we're planning this September in Portillo, Chile.

At first we thought it was mild interest, likely from the perspective of understanding what the competition is doing. But then we discovered another idea. We all do this because we love impacting our clients, and in reality, we can all learn and help one another in the process.

So here's the offer:

If you have a client you feel would be a great fit for our Leadership in the Fall Line program in Portillo, or if you're thinking of the right fit for your team, we invite you to attend.

We’re team builders. You’ll find this event, and our process, allows you to attend with your client and build on all you’re doing together already. You have our commitment to take the trust, relationship, and focus you’ve already built with your client even further!

Our coaches, our team, and our facilitation model supports your efforts and your goals with your clients. No BS. Our values guide our decision making, and we honor relationships with ongoing learning, open communication, and tangible positive impact.

There can be a great benefit for trainers, coaches, and consultants to attend Leadership in the Fall Line with your clients:

* Focus, model, and learn with your client. This adds depth and trust to your relationship as coach and client.

* Take your relationship to a deeper level by working on goals through the facilitation of the Leadership in the Fall Line coaching process.

* Learn new possibilities and new perspectives about the work you've already done and are doing in the future with your clients.

* You and your client will arrive with defined goals, both personal and collective, and you'll leave with clarity.

* You will both take away a life time of applicable metaphor based on the experiential learning process. Past participants of Leadership in the Fall Line are still using these same metaphors 15 years later.

If our offer hits your “I’m interested button”, please let us know. We can figure out group pricing that works for you, too, as well as sign a mutual non-compete if that's an issue. This program is about helping each other compete, not competing against each other.

This is our 15th year offering our on-snow program for leaders, and it's the first time we've ever offered it in Portillo. The program works. That said, the logistics aren't simple, nor is the program inexpensive. However, the impact and ROI is real value.

My bet is you know you want to do this. Reach out. Now is way better than later.

Click on the image below to see the full event page, or you can schedule some time to talk with a Leadership in the Fall Line facilitator to learn even more details.

Leadership in the Fall Line Portillo 2017 CTA

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