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Effective Delegation: Steps to take, benefits to celebrate!

Posted by Rudy Miick on Sep 19, 2019 2:39:48 PM



Delegation is a core skill of, and benefit to, effective leaders.  Case after case shows delegation is more often poorly done, than done well.   Delegation is also one of the biggest challenges that leaders face.  There's opportunity here!    

Yes, you could do this thing you're about to give away. And, you know you'd do it right.  At the same time, with all you and I have to do, the most effective action we can take, if we can trust the process, is to give this task away!   Give it away.  You got it, delegate!   

However, giving away the task, does NOT mean, throw the keys at somebody and say, "You've got it!"

To Delegate effectively there are some important action steps to take.  Make no mistake, it's worth working through these steps because effective delegation can bring strong benefits.

First, the steps to take, then the benefits to celebrate! 


6 steps to Delegate Effectively:

  1. What needs to be accomplished?
    Be as clear, as definitive as possible.   Name the goal, name the timeline, name the budget, name the resources. 
  2. Why this is important!
    Name the biggest reason you can think of and share why this task/event is important!   The bigger the “WHY”, the more likely the job will be done well, e.g., jobs will be created, top line will expand, profit sharing of the bottom line will expand, new markets will be created, a new door will likely open for you, are all examples of big “Whys.”   And, be clear, because I ask you to do this, and I’m your boss, is more a whip than a why.   
  3. Why YOU are the right person! 
    Think through and share why the person you’ve picked is the right person.   E.g., “Susan, you have the skills to do this, you’re ready for the challenge and the opportunity!”   And, it’s okay to say no!  Success for the goal is imperative and so too, success for the person to whom I’m delegating.   Pick someone who wants the gig! 
  4. How will this get done?
    Check in, be a resource; hear the action steps, suggest ideas based on experience.     
  5. What is the check back?
    For someone new to your process, check back is likely going to be sooner than later and more often than not.   This does not mean micro manage.  It does mean, check in, verify progress against budget, timeline and deadline.   The more proven the track record of your picked lead person the longer the check back period can be.  The less experience, check back more often.   This is not to micro-manage.  It is to support and guide possible solutions.  Be a resource and have resources ready.
  6. Keep a window to Course Correct!
    With points 4. And 5. Check back often enough that if the process is off course, we can course correct.  An eleventh (11th) hour miss is too late to fix.  Again, this is not micro-managing, it IS effective check in on progress reports to ensure success.   


Here’s what you win with effective Delegation!

  • Employee Development
    Supporting others to take over responsibilities gives them a chance to learn and grow. Group projects allow team members to connect with one another and other departments. Making decisions and getting things done with you and me serving more as mentor than cop empowers the team.  With fewer channels to go through, staff members finish tasks quicker, and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

  • Leadership Development
    Delegation opens up more time for you and me to do the stuff we ought to be doing!  We can focus on the duties specific to our role as well as other areas that will us develop ourselves.  Our career goals seem easier to see and accomplish as tangible.

    Confidence is built in myself and in my team.  Trust and respect show up; not only with those you and I lead directly, with other staff and leaders too.  Bonus?  There ends up being a growing assurance that when time is taken off, work will still carry on smoothly.   Want a real vacation?  This is how.

  • Higher Efficiency
    Effective delegation, read project management, improves teamwork, results, increased productivity and profits. The extra time provided by efficiency allows shorter or more flexible workdays and the ability to take on more clients.

  • A Stronger Company
    Those given the opportunity to take charge show up satisfied with their job environment and tend to stay loyal to the company.  This lowers turnover.

    The more effectively we delegate the stronger our pool of team members with gained skills and experience.  This stability strengthens the company.   Follow the 6 steps of Delegation and delegate anything and everything you can.  At the same time, do not delegate those things that only you can do. 


About Miick

The key to receiving these benefits is learning how to delegate effectively.   Miick is an able coach and guide for you and your team in the process.  Our Values drive us to client success and our track record proves it.   We walk our talk.   We can coach you in becoming a better leader who knows how to delegate effectively. We can also help build up the performance of your business as a whole. Please be in touch to see how you can benefit from the two of us working together. 

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