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Are Your Team Members Excited to Wake Up and Come to Work?

Posted by Rudy Miick on Aug 9, 2017 12:42:33 PM

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Does your staff get excited to come to work every day? Do they believe in the purpose and values of your company culture? Have you defined and broadcasted them? What do they think about when they're drinking that morning cup of coffee?

MaslowsHierarchyOfNeedsTo answer these questions, we first have to understand that all people are people. We have basic needs, a hierarchy clearly defined by the likes of Abraham Maslow. In the workplace, those needs translate to who is getting laid off this week? Or will I get health insurance? Those needs are real, legitimate fears.

When companies aren't mindful about their purpose or values, Maslow's pyramid can win. It applies whether people are inspired or not, meaning your team members will pay more attention to their physiological needs like paying the bills to have a roof over their heads or their safety and ability to receive proper healthcare when they're sick.

If a company is not working toward a set of values, on purpose, team members view working there as "just another job." On the other hand, with a definitive purpose, with values and a mission, there are tangible results that staff strives to achieve. Why? Because they know their basic needs are met, which allows them to focus on working as a team and providing value as individuals. According to Maslow, this is acting out of love not fear, having a sense of belonging, raising self esteem, and ultimately, the process of self-actualization.

The bottom line is workplace drama takes away from purpose. Conversely, a purpose can eliminate workplace drama. When your team members wake up excited to go to work, sales go up, net profits go up, staff retention rates go up, lost work days go down, and so does drama.

When hiring 5-star performers, look to hire by choice, not chance. When creating culture in your organization, do it by choice, not chance. These choices will lead to tangible results.

Maslow's pyramid is a ladder. Miick can help team members climb that ladder, to achieve belonging, and eventually to self actualization.

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